Our proudcts and brands


Fresh fish  "De la Peştişoru'"

We started import and sell the various types of fresh fish.

Frozen products

(bulk or packed with “De la Pestisoru' ” brand)

• Wholeround fish, head-on


Saithe head-off, gutted
Silver smelt
Salmon head-on , gutted

• HGT ( head-less, gutted, tail-off)
Hoki HGT
Hake HGT

Grenadier HGT skin-less

Grenadier HGT skin-on

• Fish fillets / steaks
Herring fillets skin-less
Hoki fillets skin-less
Hake fillets skin-less
Hoki fillets skin on
Hake fillets skin on
Pangasius fillets skin-less , IQF

Nile Pearch fillets skin-less IWP

Salmon fillets
Salmon steaks

Blue Shark steaks

Blue Catfish steaks
Saithe fillets skin-less
Saithe steaks
Blue Whiting fillets IQF
Alaska Pollock fillets IQF
Carp steaks 

• Seafood products
Illex rings

Illex rings in batter
Illex strips in batter
Shrimps PUD
Fish fingers
Fish burgers
Surimi crab claws(muslito)

Products “De la Pestisoru' “ brand

• Smoked
Smoked Sprats
Smoked Herring Head-off, Gutted
Smoked Herring rolls
Smoked Herring fillets

Smoked Mackerel head-off, Gutted
Smoked Mackerel fillets with condiments

Smoked Salmon Head-off , Gutted
Smoked Salmon steaks
Smoked Salmon fillets
Smoked Salmon portions

Smoked Saithe steaks
Smoked wholeround Trout


• Marinated
Marinated Sprats
Marinated Herring

Marinated Mackerel

Marinated Herring rolls

• Salads
Herring roes salad simple
Herring roes salad with onion

Carp roes salad simple
Carp roes salad with onion

Pike roes salad simple
Pike roes salad with onion