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The history

1991 – Pestisorul had been found as a 100% private company owned by Gheorghe and Florica Tutuian, husband and wife. Only activity: trading of fresh fish in the biggest market of Romania.

1996 – We created the import department and start selling en-gross frozen fish on the local market.

1997 - Processing of smoked, marinated, salted products was started, but on a very small scale,just for our own selling point in Obor Market.

2000 - We built our own coldstore with a capacity of 300 mt and a new plant for bigger processing capacity in the Center of Bucharest.

2002 - Next step we took was renting selling spaces in all Bucharest markets.

2003 - We signed our first contract with a hypermarket chain –Carrefour, that had just started to operate in Romania back then.

2004 - Pestisorul decided to give up fresh fish and small shops and focus on distributing to super/hypermarkets chains the frozen fish and its own smoked, marinated products and salads.

2005 - Mega-Image (Louis Delhaize) had joined our list of clients.
 - We signed the contract with Cora.
 - Germanischer Lloyd certified our implemented quality mananagement ISO 9001: 2000/HACCP

2006 - We signed the contract with Auchan.
 - New land was bought for our new project : 10 times bigger processing plant, bigger coldstore with 1200 mt capacity.

2007 – Project had been finished , Pestisorul moved to the new location. We got our EU approval for the plant: F 312.
- We started the rebranding process and signed the contract with Strategid for creating better and more clear identity for the company and the products. We launched the new brand “De la Pestisoru'

2008 – January 2008, new contract with Selgros Cash & Carry was signed.
- We started export the fish and food products to UE.

2009 – We signed the contract with Angst.
- We started import and sell the various types of fresh fish.